Friday, February 17, 2012


Karibuni sana kupata mapishi ya Angela Catering Services kwenye shughuli mbali mbali iwe ni harusi, kitchen party, send off na hata BBQ tunafanya shughuli zote kubwa na ndogo... kama unapanga kufanya party nyumbani kwako wasiliana nasi na kutakaa pamoja tupange Menu nzuri kutokana na vyakula unavyopenda wewe na tutafika on time na kusevu chakula kwa utaratibu mzuri. Nina staff wachangamfu wenye kujua maadili ya customer care. Tupigie simu namba 0754 710433 au 0656 043033.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011



Je, una nguo zilizo katika hali nzuri lakini hauzivai na ungependa kuzitoa kwa wale wasio na uwezo kiukweli? Tunajiweka sawa kutoa nguo kwa wasiojiweza eneo ni Kondo Bahari Beach kata ya Kunduchi tarehe 10 Desemba, 2011 chini ya usimamizi wa Mama Warioba ambaye ni afisa mtendaji.

Tujulishe na tunaweza kufuata ulipo wasiliana nami bibie Angela N.M. (0754 710433).

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Hello Wapendwa!

Tshs 5,000/= kwa kuku

Napenda kuwaarifu kwamba sasa Angela Catering Services inauza kuku wa nyama waliolelewa vyema na Miss. Angela Matiku mwenyewe.

Tupo Bahari beach na pia tunafanya delivery kutokana na ukubwa wa oda at least zaidi ya kuku 10.

Simu: 0656-043033

Karibuni Sana!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011


I am a proud young mother of one, my Son my own flesh and blood.
I love you for always... This is a very exciting year for us, you are turning 8 years and I am turning 30 years. There is so much to live for, I pray that we are always under God's protection for God is Love.

Nakupenda sana Mwanangu :-)

By your young yummy mummy, Angel.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Ndugu zangu, nina furaha kubwa kuwaambia kwamba sasa Angela Catering Services imeanza kazi rasmi tangu Januari 2011.

Tunapika na kuserve vyakula katika shughuli mbali mbali, harusi, birthdays, misiba.
Tunapatikana Bahari Beach.

Simu: 0754710433/0656043033

Menu zipo kuanzia 5,000/=, 10,000/=, 12,000/= na 15,000/= kutokana na upendeleo wako.

Karibuni sana, wapishi ni makini na wahudumu ni wachangamfu wanaojua maana ya huduma kwa mteja na kwamba mteja ni mfalme!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


It might be (almost) every little girl's dream to get married but it's also (almost) every woman's intention to make the most of each minute she spends on Earth. And while marriage by no means spells the end of living life to its full potential, there is always going to be the other half to consider. So while you've the opportunity to do things entirely your way, try checking a few of these footloose-and-fancy-free must-dos off your list.

Travel Alone
Nothing feels as incredible as completely losing yourself in another country. Whether you stay a day or a year, give yourself the opportunity to experience the freedom of being utterly alone. You'll never feel so self-reliant or in control of your own destiny.

Acquire a hobby
It's time to indulge your interests – whether they include paper mache or parachuting. So what if your passion for collecting novelty tea cosies means trekking several hours to Swansea for their annual cosy-swap? Once you're married, you'll treasure the 'me time' that your hobbies will bring you, even if what you love is something as simple as meeting girlfriends for a monthly book club meeting.

Live on your own
No, not with Ma and Pa. Not with flatmates. And certainly not with your bloke. Spend at least one three-month stretch living completely alone. If you don't already, you'll learn to love your own company – an important lesson for every woman. And if you're planning on staying married and having children, you may never have this chance again!

Devote time to charitable causes
Figure out what it is you truly believe in – whether it's animal rights or resettling refugees. Spending a couple of hours each week making a difference in the community can put into perspective the everyday issues we all tackle in our relationships.

Learn useful things
Don't rely on the other people in your life to know how to change the tyre on your car, cook dinner for six, or back up your hard drive. Put your brain to good use.

Live dangerously
Do things on a whim. While you don't have someone at home worrying about you you can start your own business...take risks!